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Tour of Normandy - 9th July 2018

9-13 July

Objective: To provide a convivial and relaxing Talbot tour after the Le Mans weekend – in the spirit of the Loire Loop of prior years. The tour will be open to those at Le Mans and also to those who wish to join independently.

Location: Two days following the River Seine.                   One day in transit across central Normandy.                   Two days in Suisse Normande.

Accommodation: Logis 3 chimney pots and 3 table lamps. Half board fixed menu.

Outline Routes:

Day 1. Rendezvous with UK party at Monet’s Gardens, Giverny, for a team picnic (160km from Thorigné sur Dué and 120km from Le Havre and Dieppe). Explore Seine region. O/N near Les Andelys

Day 2. Explore Seine. Rouen, Chateau Gaillard, Jumieges, Honfleur, Alabaster Coast. O/N near Les Andelys

Day 3. Transit through central Normandy. Camembert country, cider, Suisse Normande. (c200 km). O/N in Suisse Normande.

Day 4. Explore Suisse Normande, Bayeux, Caen, Invasion beaches, Cotentin peninsula, Mont St Michel. O/N Suisse Normande.

Day 5. As above. Farewell dinner. O/N ferry from Caen to Portsmouth

Costs: Modest. Aim to be within reach of the average Talboteer. Not up-market or elitist.

Mileages: Modest. Suitable for all reliable Talbots.

Maps: Michelin Regional Series: Normandy 513.

Ferries: Le Havre and Dieppe are the most convenient ports. There are daily overnight services from Portsmouth and Newhaven respectively.

There are only a few places left, so get in touch with Martin Bryant if you are interested on 01636 812901 or email martinwbryant@aol.com


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